Club Escrime Winchester Results

The latest club results are listed below.

Junior Commonwealth games 2018

Cadet girls Epee:
Jacqueline Oien (St Swithuns) 11th Team Silver

Cadet boys Foil:
Dominic Hare (Win Coll) 20th
Joe Donaghue (Win Coll) 22nd

Junior girls Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 7th,Team bronze

Junior girls Epee:
Jacqueline Oien (St Swithuns) 16th Team Gold

Well done to all the fencers, best result Charlotte's 7th place in the individuals.

British Youth championships 2108

U12 Girls:
Natasha Begbour 34th

Hampshire age group Epee 2018

U14 Boys:
Gianluca Landolfi 2nd
Below with his medal

Rafa Kwiatkowski 3rd
Alfie Landolfi 5th

Hampshire Age Group 2017

U12 Girls:
Trinity De Lucy McKeere (St Swithuns) 1st 
Natasha Begbour 2nd

U12 Boys:
Monty Field 2nd

U14 Girls:
Lucy Perkins 1st
Brigitte Bacchus (St Swithuns) 2nd
Madeleine Clark 5th
Henriatte Boyle St Swithuns) 7th

U14 Boys:
Owen Wiseman 6th

U16 Girls:
Jeannie Tan 2nd
Michelle NG 3rd

U16 Boys:
Joe Donaghue (Win Coll) 1st

U18 Boys:
Adrian Yam (Win Coll) 1st
Ashwin Selvin (Win Coll)2nd
Dominic Hare (Win Coll) 3rd
Thomas Ashton-Key 3rd

Welch Open 2017

Ladies Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 9th

School Games 2017

Ladies Foil:
Individual 3rd:
Charlotte Fairman 3rd
England team:
Charlotte Fairman 1st

Cadet and Junior Championships 2017

U17 Epee:
Jackie Oien 3rd

Jackie Oien 3rd

U20: Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 22nd

U22 GB Pentathlon championship's

George Budden 1st

Public Schools 2017

Mount Hass Epee
Joe Donaghue 1st

Hampshire Age Group Epee 2017

U14 Boys:
Gianluca Landolfi 5th

U18 Boys:
George Buddin 1st
Joe Donaghue (Coll) 2nd
Alfonso Landolfi 5th
Kier Hudson (Coll) 6th
James Dedman 8th
Raphael Kwiatkows 9th
Barney Clutterbuck 10th
James Bradley 11th

U23 Foil Championships

Ladies Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 3rd

Southern Region Foil Qualifiers 2017

12 Girls:
Lucy Perkins 5th
Natasha Begbour 8th
Madeleine Clark 21st

U2 Boys:
Monty Field 6th

U14 Girls:
Jeannie Tan 3rd

U14 Boys:
Owen Wiseman 13th
Lois Smith 20th

U16 Boys:
Spencer Carroll 9th

U18 Girls:
Millie Field 1st
Lois Samuels 3rd

U18 Boys:
Freddie Fagan(Coll) 3rd
Tom Ashton-Key 8th

Sussex Open 2016

Ladies Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 2nd

England Youth Championships 2106

U13 Girls:
Jeannie Tan 35th

U11 Boys:
Gainluca 28th

U15 Boys:
Alfonso 34th

Hampshire U14 Team 2016

Jeannie, Seb, Spencer 2nd
Owen, Amelia, Lucy 3rd

British Youth Championships 2016

U14 Boys Epee:
Alfonso Landolfi 30th

U18 Girls Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 1st
Millie Field 11th
Lois Fry Samuals 30th

U18 Girls Epee:
Millie Field 23rd

Southern region Foil Qualifiers 2016

Girls U12 Foil:
Amelia Horsley 6th

Girls U14 Foil:
Jeannie Tan 7th
Lucia Imi  9th

Boys U14 Foil:
Spencer Carroll 13th

Boys U16 Foil;
Ashwin Selvin 3rd
Freddie Fagan 6th

Girls U18 Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 1st
Millie Field 3rd
Lois Fry Samuels 5th

Boys 18 Foil:
Chris Gothard 3rd

Aldershot Open 2016

Ladies Foil:
Charlotte Fairman 2nd

Hampshire Senior Foil and Team 2015

Ladies Foil:
Victoria Fairman 2nd
Millie Field 3rd

Men's Foil:
Adrian Yam (Win Coll) 1st
Roderick McLean 2nd
Ashwin Selvin (Win Coll) 3rd
Julian Payne 5th
Freddie Fagan (Win Coll) 6th
Dominic Hare (Win Coll) 8th
Chris Gothard (Win Coll) 11th
Iain Duncan (Win Coll) 20th

Team Event:
Adrian Yam, Ashwin Selvin, Freddie Fagan 1st
Roderick McLean, Victoria Fairman, Millie Field 2nd
Julian Payne, Ian McQueen, Adrian Davies 3rd
Dominic Hare, Chris Gothard, Iain Duncan 5th

Welsh Open 2015

Ladies Foil:
Victoria Fairman 28th